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Custom Tailored Programs

We offer custom tailored programs that 

are highly engaging and designed to be exponentially impactful.

From our individualized one on one training, virtual webinars, to full day in person seminars, our programs serve to be of exponential help to those who want to become more well versed in the art of social etiquette and distinctly refined in their professional deportment. 

Webinars (Coming Soon!)

Our webinars are geared towards individuals of all ages, from those who would like to benefit from working with an etiquette coach that will help them learn the art of proper manners and refined social graces.  

Professional Decorum Webinar 

From the recent college graduate who is about to enter the professional workforce, to even the most senior level executive who’s been in the workforce for 50+ years.  Leading With Etiquette's webinars will help you advance exponentially in the following areas:


  • How to make a good first and lasting impression
  • Understanding the protocols of professional dress
  • How to properly present and conduct yourself in a professionally diplomatic manner
  • Executive like communication skills
  • Proper dining skills
  • Advanced interview techniques
  • How to handle social faux-pas
  • Professional networking tips
  • Proper email etiquette
  • Plus much much more  

Social Graces of Etiquette Webinar

We've all met that one charismatically dynamic person before, who just seemed to have a way with others. Have you ever wanted to learn how to become more like that person? Do you ever feel awkward in social settings? Either by not knowing what to say - or how to say it?  In our Social Graces of Etiquette Webinar, you will learn:

  • How to properly introduce yourself
  • How to start a conversation, move a conversation along, and how to progress to higher levels of conversation.
  • Understanding body language
  • Express & interpret social cues 
  • How to handle social faux-pas
  • Proper dining decorum and prototcals 
  • Perfecting your poise & presence
  • How to dress for your own personal best 
  • Plus much, much more

Personalized One on One Coaching

If you would like to become more well versed in the realms of social finesse, but aren't looking for a broad range of etiquette topics, then a personalized one on one coaching session could be the integral spark to help you with your very own social savvy prowess.  Give us a call today for a free consultation! 

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